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"Receiving the Community A.L.E.R.T. youth award at two different times in my life shaped me in becoming the young man I am today... Thank you Community A.L.E.R.T. for providing a glimpse of what life can be when led by God and desiring to help others." - Trehon A. Cockrell-Coleman

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What is Community A.L.E.R.T.?

Nashville Missionary Gospel Ensemble was established in 1976. Today, as a non-profit organization, all of the programs spearheaded by the Nashville Missionary Gospel Ensemble are now under one umbrella, Millennium Focus: Community Alert (Alliance for Learning, Educating, Recruiting, and Training). These programs include, Youth Awards Recognition Program, Xtra Effort and New Dimension Scholars Program. Our mission remains unchanged ...to empower, educate, and advocate for youth and their families.

A.L.E.R.T. stands for:

A lliance - Creating a bond of unity with todays youth and their families and community in which we serve.

L earning - to develop mind body and spirit. 

E ducating - Teaching others a more excellent way. 

R ecruiting - Recruiting a generation to serve and create a better society.
T raining - Enhancing skills and abilities to become successful and productive citizens.

Our Mission

Empower! Educate! Advocate!

We want these action words to resonate with the youth and their families. Community ALERT creates a strong network that utilizes both individual and community resources to provide positive alternatives and viable options for an underserved population.

Mentor! Encourage! Develop!

Community ALERT encourages the development of social competencies such as positive communication, conflict management, and positive sense of self that inspires others to be productive members of our community by teaching patience, consideration, and courtesy through support groups, skills training classes, and mentoring activities. Prevention is teaching children and adults to find pleasure in the right things. Community A.L.E.R.T. Gives to Children! That's what Community ALERT is all about.

So how do we get the funds to recognize hundreds of students each year?

We depend on the financial support of people like you. We are strictly a non-profit organization with no overhead, an all-volunteer staff, and no outstanding debts. Each year our expenses our met by the generosity of our sponsors and community contributors. Your donation will help us finance a memorable evening in which young people will be encouraged to stay focused, seek higher education, and continue to reach for successful careers in spite of their various challenges.

Board Members

We grow together with the community

Jacqueline Conwell
Executive Director

Elbert Gordon

Joyce Horton

Theresa Gordon
Correspondence Secretary

Dr. Joseph Cornelius
Program Advisement

Brenda Haywood
Deputy Mayor

Honorary Board Members

Douglas & Lolita Murrell

Peggy Enochs

Regina Enochs

Pamela Jones

Reggie Rucker

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Community Alert

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